The Chicago Staff Band returned to Rockford for the first time since 2001.  The local Salvation Army had planned a Volunteer Appreciation event, and when it was realized that the CSB had an open date in February, the invitation was sent.  Saturday evening provided a full musical concert to help the local Army recognize their volunteers.  Under the direction of BM, Dr. Harold Burgmayer, the program opened with a rousing arrangement entitled, “Raise the Song by Simon Morton.  Major Steve Merritt welcomed the audience and recognized the Bachrodt Motor Group and Kelly Williamson for the contributions to the Rockford Salvation Army’s Christmas effort.  Beth Cooper, principle cornet, and Brett Tolcher, principle trombone, presented solos that were enthusiastically received by the approximately 400 in attendance.  After these wonderful musical offerings, Rachel Kim, a rookie to the group, blessed us with her testimony, which beautifully set up the CSB vocal presentation of Grace, accompanied by pianist, Meghan Pierson and Josh Turner, Euphonium.  After a quick stage change, the band presented the exciting composition, Power and the Glory, by Paul Lovett-Cooper. 

Following a short intermission the swing style version of Stars and Stripes, arranged by Dorothy Gates, lead us into the second half.   After Josh Turner and Paul Bowyer presented a Euphonium/Tuba duet, entitled, “Radiant Pathway,” by Leslie Condon the band presented two vocal pieces, “Do Right” and “Chasing of the Wind.”  This was  followed by the exquisite tone poem, “The Kingdom Triumphant”  by Eric Ball; a major composition portraying the return of our King, Jesus Christ.  The program ended in usual fashion with the band delivering a Choral Benediction, by William Himes.   A number used at the end of each program, wishing a blessing on all that were in attendance.  

The Chicago Staff Band continued their ministry for the weekend by attending the Rockford Temple Corps worship service on Sunday morning.  This included presentations of both vocal and instrumental numbers.  A highlight during this service was a testimony by staff bandswoman, Peggy Thomas.  Peggy challenged each of us to make time to read God’s Word.   Major Steve Merritt, corps officer of Rockford Temple, presented a powerful message for each of us to realize our ability to be a witness for Christ and to find our voice.  The corps provided a wonderful lunch for the band and another weekend of ministry for the band was over.  Another weekend of many blessings!

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