The Chicago Staff Band (CSB) was invited to the Sheboygan Salvation Army to celebrate 120 years of service in the community. The celebration weekend began with the Wisconsin/Upper Michigan Divisional Music and Gospel Arts Director, Rob Moushey, welcoming the delegates from around the division.  Following the welcome, the divisional band played an upbeat rendition of “Lord, Rein In Me” by Dorothy Gates.   The remainder of the day was busy with two separate sessions of the CSB instructing corps instrumentalists and vocalists throughout the division. It was great to see the musical growth in such a short amount of time. 

At the conclusion of the divisional music day, the CSB packed up and traveled to the beautiful venue for the evening’s concert. During the afternoon’s sound check, the CSB was joined by the Sheboygan Pops Concert Band and the Wisconsin Upper Michigan division beginners in preparation for the evenings combined numbers.  We were already anticipating a great evening of music making!

The concert began with a quick introduction by Lt. Daryl Mangeri, the corps officers of the Sheboygan corps, followed by music from the Wisconsin/Upper Michigan Divisional Band.   After a quick stage reset, the Sheboygan Pops Concert Band entered to perform their solo group performance. They began with an exciting arrangement featuring many patriotic melodies.  The conclusion of their set was the presentation of an oversized American flag.  It was the Chicago Staff Bands turn to begin their portion of the night.   The CSB began with the energetic piece, “Raise the Song” by Simon Morton. Next on the program was our own, Dr. Harold Burgmayer’s composition, “Ascalon Remix” a compilation of three tunes, “Ascalon” found in “Crusaders” by Dean Goffin, “Daystar” by Ray Steadman-Allen and “Fanfare of Praise” by Robert Redhead.  Following the triumphant ending of “Ascalon Remix,” the band performed “Here They Come” by Robert Redhead, a three movement suite featuring the cornet section, the glorious horn section and the trombone section. Switching gears, the band sang two vocal presentations, “Do Right” and “Chasing of the Wind”. The CSB ended their solo portion of the concert with the magnificent “Power and the Glory” by Paul Lovett-Cooper.However, the excitement of the night was just about to begin, when the youth from the Wisconsin/Upper Michigan division joined the CSB in a combined performance of “Back to the Future.”  What a glorious few moments of music that was presented!  In my humble opinion, the best piece played all evening.  With smiles for miles, the kids exited the stage and we had a short 10 minute intermission to reset the stage.

After a short intermission, the CSB, along with the Sheboygan Pops Concert Band, played two combined numbers, “Golden Jubilee” and “Flight of Valor”. Following this, Colonel Jeff Smith gave a short devotional, discussing his tenure as the corps officer at the Sheboygan Salvation Army, and what a blessing it was for him and his family to serve in this community. The concert came to a close with the bands playing “God Be With You…..till me meet again.”  What an absolutely beautiful evening of music!

The celebration continued Sunday morning as the CSB were honored to be ministering at The Sheboygan Salvation Army.  We began the morning bright and early at 9:15 to play for Sunday School opening. Marty Thomas, led our worship time retelling the story of the lost sheep.  Fortunately, one of the Junior Soldiers of the corps found our sheep!  After a brief coffee break, we were back on duty for the Holiness Meeting; to celebrate 120 years of The Salvation Army in Sheboygan, WI.  Many highlights of that service included, a proclamation presented to the corps by the Mayor of Sheboygan, recognizing 28 years of officer leadership present during that service, a beautiful testimony by the corps’ Social Worker, a time of remembrance from previous corps officers and a powerful message presented by Colonel Jeff Smith on the triumphant entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. The corps provided a wonderful meal for all who attended that day.  But alas, it was time for us to depart and head home. It was a joyous weekend!

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