Dear Music Leaders,

The Music Arts Proficiency (M.A.P.) is a carefully designed support curriculum that has proven effective by many music leaders. Its purpose is to aid in enhancing the quality of our weekly offerings in worship through developing “competent” players and singers. I commend this course to you as you lead your students to a higher standard of musicianship and greater personal satisfaction. God will be glorified through your ministry as “you study with your students to show yourself approved unto God.” May God inspire you as “His instruments” in this endeavor.

Dr. Harold Burgmayer Territorial Music and Gospel Arts Secretary

General - Instructor's Helps


Why Use the M.A.P./Music Arts Proficiency (M.A.P.) Objectives
How Does the M.A.P. Program Work?
Implementing the M.A.P. Program
Required Books for the M.A.P. Program
Embracing the Structure/Ideas for Making the M.A.P. Program Work
Measuring M.A.P. Progress
Guidelines for Conducting M.A.P. Evaluations


M.A.P. Brass Requirements
Brass Helps
Twelve-Step Lesson
What's the Buzz
Brass Sight-Reading Recommendations
Arban's Companion Lesson Guide TC
Arban's Companion Lesson Guide BC


M.A.P. Percussion Requirements - COMING SOON
Percussion Helps
Auxillary Percussion


M.A.P. Piano Requirements
Piano Helps
Piano Sight-Reading
Recommended Piano Offertory Solos
Recommended Piano Classical Solos
How to Play from a Lead Sheet: Major Chords
How to Play from a Lead Sheet: Adding Rhythm in the Left Hand
How to Play from a Lead Sheet: Minor and Seventh Chords
How to Play from a Lead Sheet: Altered Chords
How to Play from a Lead Sheet: Adding Arpeggiation
How to Play from a Lead Sheet: Adding Fills
How to Play from a Lead Sheet: Modulation
How to Play from a Lead Sheet: More Altered Chords
Scale, Cadences, and Arpeggios


M.A.P. Theory Requirements
Theory Grid
Theory Helps - How to Teach Theory
Theory Games
Theory Placement Tests
Inversions of Triads
Inversions of Dominant Seventh Chords
Harmonization & Analysis
Composition - Solo, Brass Ensemble, Vocal SATB


M.A.P. Voice Requirements
Voice Helps
Vocal Warm-Ups
Voice Supplemental Materials
Voice Solo Materials
Weineke for Levels Primer - One TC     (Bass Clef Version)
Weineke for Level Two TC     (Bass Clef Version)