Below are updated Advent and Lent Worship Series, using the new 2015 Salvation Army Songbook and Hallelujah Choruses up to HC#250. Please click on the Advent Series and Lent Series links below to scroll to each section. Also, please note this page is a work in progress and these will be updated as they are finished.


Lent Worship Series

The Purpose of Easter

Lent 2010

Coming soon!

Cross Examinations

Lent 2011

Coming soon!

God with Us

Lent 2012

Coming soon!

His Voice - Your Choice

Lent 2013

Coming soon!


Lent 2014

Coming soon!

Resurrection Life

Lent 2015

Coming soon!

Finding Life

Lent 2016

Coming soon!

Journey to the Cross

Lent 2017

Coming soon!

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